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Professor Esi Sutherland-Addy

Language, Literature and Drama

Esi Sutherland-Addy is Associate Professor of African Studies Her main Research Interests are  written and oral Literature, women’s literature, educational and cultural policy. She is currently Principal Investigator on the research project entitled Oral Traditions and Expressive Diversity  involving the collection and digitization of Ghanaian Oral Traditions.

Research Areas

Sutherland-Addy’s major research interests are in African Literature (oral and written), Cultural and Educational Policy and Girls’ Education.

Recent Publications

Nanbigne, E. and E. Sutherland-Addy

The Language, Literature and Drama Section of the Institute is undertaking a collaborative research project entitled: “Shall I tell you or Shall I not tell you?” - A Survey of Ghanaian Tales and Storytelling Traditions” 

Contribution to UNESCO GENERAL HISTORY OF AFRICA: Volume IX (Book 3) “Women Writing Africa”

Over the last five years she has made the following additions to her publications

Monographs and Technical Reports  including.

A. Awedoba, E.Sutherland-Addy, J.Gordon and A. Adomako Ampofo (Eds) (2017) Revisiting African Studies in a Globalized World

T.Manuh and E. Sutherland-Addy (Eds) (2013) Africa in Contemporary Perspective. Accra SubSaharan Publishers.


E.Sutherland-Addy (2015)   “ The Saga of an Archive of Storytelling in Ghana” in B. Lundt and U. Marzolph (Eds) Narrating Hi(stories) in West Africa. Berlin:Lit Verlag

T.Manuh and E. Sutherland-Addy “Introduction” in T.Manuh and E. Sutherland-Addy (eds) (2013) Africa in Contemporary Perspective. . Accra SubSaharan Publishers

 Sutherland-Addy (2013) “The Heritage of Literary Arts in Africa.”  in T.Manuh and E. Sutherland-Addy (Eds) Africa in Contemporary Perspective. (Ch 17) Accra SubSaharan Publishers.

E. Sutherland-Addy (2013) “Musings on Creativity as the Spark for Modern Nationhood” in H. Lauer et al (Eds). The One in the Many: Nationbuilding Through Cultural Diversity. Accra. SubSaharan Publishers

Technical Papers

J. Anamuah-Mensah, E. Sutherland-Addy, J.Ephraim, A.Haffar, E. Newman (July 2017) Towards a National Vision and Plan for Tertiary Education. (Prepared for the National Council for Tertiary Education).

Esi Sutherland-Addy (January 2017) Social Development Strategy for the Long-Term National Development Plan for Ghana (2017-2057): Culture and Development Report. Prepared for the National Development Planning Commission

Teaching and Supervision
  • UGRC226:  African Drama
  • AFST 608: Topics in African Oral Literature
  • AFST 611:  African Literary Traditions
  • AFST 612: Trends in African Literature
  • AFST 721: Special Topics jn African Oral Literature
  • AFST 705: Critical Perspectives on Performance Theories
  • AFST 724:  African Theatre the  Classical and the Popular
  • AFST725: African Women Speak

She is supervising 7 PhD students and 2 MA/Mphil Students.